Membership Terms

Membership Rules


1. “Member” is an individual who registers as a W & W CO. member by following the procedure defined by W & W CO. and agreeing to the Membership Rules.

2. These Membership Rules apply to all W & W CO. Members and are to be adhered to during and after registration.



1. Membership qualifications

Customer who has agreed to these Membership Rules and applied for a Membership acquires the right to become a Member upon completion of the specified registration procedure. The membership registration process must be completed by the individual who is to become a Member. Registration by proxy will not be accepted under any circumstances. Please be aware that W & W CO. reserves the right to deny membership to a customer whose membership has been revoked in the past.

2. Member information entry

In undergoing the membership registration process, please read the warning for information entry and enter the required information correctly in the specified entry form.

3. Password management

(1) Password can only be used by the Member, and cannot be assigned or loaned to a third party.

(2) We ask that the individual Member manage his or her password responsibly by such means as changing the password from time to time to prevent disclosure to others.

(3) Any declaration of intent made to W & W CO. via the use of password will be deemed as the declaration of the intent of the Member holding that password.



1. In the event that Member's name, address, or other information provided to W & W CO. has changed, that Member is to promptly notify W & W CO..

2. W & W CO. will assume no responsibility for any damages that arise due to failure in notifying W & W CO. of changes in registration information. In addition, please be aware that even in the event that changes are notified, any transactions taken place prior to the notification will be processed according to the information provided before the notification of change.


Membership cancellation

If the Member wishes to cancel his or her membership, the cancellation procedure must be carried out by that Member. The membership will be deemed cancelled at the completion of the cancellation process.


Loss of membership and compensation obligation

1. In the event that the Member submits falsified information at the time of registration, or there is cause for W & W CO. to deem the individual unsuitable as a Member, W & W CO. reserves the right to revoke the membership of that individual.

2. In the event that the Member performs any of the acts specified below, that Member is responsible for indemnifying any resulting losses suffered by W & W CO.

(1) Engaging in improper use of membership number and/or password.

(2) Obstructing W & W CO.'s business by accessing its website and altering any of its information, sending harmful computer programs to its website, etc.

(3) Engaging in an act that infringes on the intellectual property of product(s) handled by W & W CO..

(4) Engaging in any other acts that breach Membership Rules.


Handling of membership information

1. As a general rule, W & W CO. will not disclose membership information to a third party without prior consent of the Member to which the information belongs, except in the following circumstances, in which case W & W CO. reserves the right to disclose membership and other customer information without prior consent.

(1) The disclosure is required by law.

(2) W & W CO. determines that the disclosure is necessary in order to protect the rights, interests, and/or reputation of K-SHOWROOM.


2. W & W CO. will manage customer information in line with W & W CO.'s Personal Information Protection Efforts. W & W CO. reserves the right to use the membership information within the company for the purpose of providing services to its Members, enhancing content of its services, promoting service usage, and ensuring sound and smooth operation of services.


3. W & W CO.  has the right to offer information, including advertisements, to its members via email newsletters and other methods. If the Member wishes not to receive such information, that Member may request to terminate its transmission by notifying W & W CO. following its specified procedures.


Prohibited matters

Member is prohibited from doing any of the following while using services offered by W & W CO.:

1. Engaging in acts that violate any of the following: laws and ordinances, these Membership Rules, warnings related to using W & W CO.'s services, or other W & W CO. rules and regulations.

2. Engaging in acts that undermine the rights, interests, reputation, etc. of W & W CO. and/or a third party.

3. Engaging in acts that could mentally or physically harm youths, or other acts that offend public order and morals.

4. Engaging in acts that cause trouble or discomfort for other Members and/or other third parties.

5. Entering falsified information.

6. Sending or entering harmful computer program(s), email(s), etc.

7. Accessing W & W CO.'s server or other computers without authorization.

8. Lending or assigning password to a third party, or sharing password with a third party.

9. Engaging in any other acts deemed inappropriate by W & W CO..


Service interruption, termination, etc.

1. In order to maintain successful operation of its service, W & W CO. reserves the right to stop all or part of its service without warning, in the case of one or more of the following:

(1) Service must be stopped for routine or emergency maintenance purposes.

(2) System has become overloaded.

(3) System operation has become difficult due to fire, power outage, act of sabotage by a third party, etc.

(4) Other incidents in which W & W CO. determines that the system must be stopped.


Change or termination of service

W & W CO. reserves the right to appropriately change or terminate all or part of its service at its own discretion without prior notice.



1. W & W CO. shall not be held accountable, under any circumstances, for system interruption, delay, cancellation, or loss of data caused by failure in communication line or computer; damages caused by unauthorized access to data; or any other damages concerning W & W CO. services caused to the Member related.

2. W & W CO. does not guarantee that the email contents sent from its website server domain contain no harmful elements such as computer viruses.

3. W & W CO. shall not be held accountable, under any circumstances, for any damages caused by violation of these Membership Rules by the Member.


Revision of terms

W & W CO. reserves the right to change the content of these Membership Rules at its own discretion. Moreover, W & W CO. may create rules to supplement these Membership Rules (hereinafter referred to as Supplementary Rules). Such changes or supplements to these Membership Rules shall take effect from the time in which the modified Membership Rules or Supplementary Rules are posted at the specified W & W CO. website, from which time Members must adhere by the modified Membership Rules or Supplementary Rules.


Applicable laws and court of jurisdiction

All disputes which might arise in connection with these Membership Rules shall be handled by the district court that holds jurisdiction over the location of W & W CO. head office as an exclusive agreement jurisdictional court for the first trial.