About Us

W & W Co., Inc. has been manufacturing quality tools and equipment for the jewelry industry since the year of 1970. In the beginning, the founder, Mr. Wu Kuang-I, well-known in the industry as Mickey Wu was brought into the business by Earl R. Weaver, former president of Swest Inc. Therefore, the both initials of Weaver and Wu are the origin of our company's name W & W Co., Inc.

W & W Co., Inc. provides a variety of products for all kinds of jewelry manufacturing processes, such as metal processing, casting, vulcanizing, wax injection, polishing & grinding, plating and others.

Our headquarters is located in Linkou Industrial Park, in the half way between the International Airport and Downtown Taipei City. As an elite in the jewelry industry, Mr. Wu is continuously bringing excellent leadership and sharp vision to our company. Together with our splendid employees, W & W Co., Inc. is always working to bring you better quality products.